Welcome back to another edition of Insert Caption -- the game that desperately wants to live forever and learn how to fly, if only it could escape the clutches of its evil, unfunny author. Last week we asked you to burn up some plains with a caption for a photo from The Burning Plain. Congrats to our three winners for lighting our comment section on fire!

1. "Even as the nuclear bombs fell, their resolve to win the staring contest increased." -- Steve R.

2. "You're a bright guy, but you're going to need to lighten up." -- Tommy L.

3. "Yes, these are Lincoln Logs. What did you think I meant??" -- Drew T.

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This week we're breakin' out our dance moves and expressing our creativity through the long-awaited remake of Fame. (And I know you remember that name!) The hot-to-trot folks behind our three favorite captions this week will kick-step away with one Fame poster, one Fame soundtrack, one Fame t-shirt, one Fame scarf and one set of shimmer lip glosses. Sound off below ...

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