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- Gorge yourself on WhedonCrack today with variousreports from yesterday's Joss Whedon conference call about season two of Dollhouse. Whedon offered tons of hints and spoilers about Echo's current head space, what he's really hiding in "the attic," and what new cast members like Summer Glau and Ray Wise will be doing once the season starts next Friday at 9 p.m. on Fox.

- Fringestar Joshua Jackson says season two will take a cue from the X-Files with half of the episodes delving heavy into backstories and mythology and the other half being one-off investigations. Oh, and don't expect a Peter-Olivia romance this season.

- The upcoming Battlestar Galactica TV movie, The Plan, won't air on Syfy until 2010. But you can watch the Cylons destroy the 12 colonies when the film hits DVD on Oct. 27.

- E! has the skinny on that upcoming Supernatural episode that sees Dean traveling to a future world where people are turning into zombies.

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