Now you can mark your calenders, and make a note to pre-buy your IMAX tickets for two of the most highly anticipated geek movies of 2010 and 2011. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Tron: Legacyis getting an IMAX release to coincide with its ordinary theatrical print on December 17, 2010. The film was not actually shot for the IMAX format, but Disney will be digitally remastering the film in order to produce a super-sized version for IMAX theaters. Someone with more technical knowledge will have to tell me if that's a good or bad way to release a film in IMAX, because I'm baffled beyond "Wow, look how big the screen is!" I'm honestly surprised Tron: Legacy wasn't shot with IMAX cameras because if there ever was a film begging to use the technology to the fullest extent, it's this one.

Spider-Man 4
also has its IMAX dates booked. It's set to go wide in IMAX and conventional multiplexes on May 6, 2011. This has been standard for Spidey, as all three films have been released onto IMAX screens. The official press release didn't mention whether the fourth will actually be shot using IMAX cameras, but the general belief online is that it won't.

Presumably by 2011, real IMAX screens (as opposed to those faux imitations) will be more readily available so that more moviegoers can benefit from the experience. It would be even better if the price came down a bit. Maybe I'm just a cheapskate (probably) but it's hard to justify an IMAX Experience for every genre movie, and I'm not sure I see that changing for a lot of people by 2011.
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