Celeb Sightings:
Most of the celebs wave g'bye by Wednesday or Thursday, but as the packed star-hunting masses slowly peter away from downtown hotel entrances, there's still a little gossip and celebrity news coming in. My favorite: Drew Barrymore supposedly skipped out of her film's afterparty to drink some Pabst at Toronto's Sweaty Betty's. And if you happened to catch the "Tiff at TIFF" headlines earlier in the week -- that was a whole kerfuffle with Jennifer Connelly and some pretty massive foot-in-mouth nastiness directed at her. But in more upbeat news: Joan Baez is taking the stage tonight at Yonge and Dundas Square as part of the festival's joining cinema and live performance -- honoring the world premiere of American Masters featuring Joan Baez: How Sweet the Sound. And ever wonder what the stars do with their pets during the fest? It seems they get the hotels to go above and beyond.

Our Coverage:
I added a review for Chloe to the TIFF mix -- Atom Egoyan's latest starring Amanda Seyfried, Julianne Moore, and Liam Neeson. While buzz amongst many fest attendees centered on the salacious sex scene between Seyfried and Moore, I noted: "while Chloe might not connect on a personal level, it does trap you into these lurid lives that flirt with every notion of bad behavior."

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