I remember the first time I saw the trailer for The Ruinsin a theater. There were people who screamed at the top of their lungs when Laura Ramsey's character had a vine crawling through her forehead; and I don't think I need to explain how actual screaming is a rare response to a trailer. I was convinced that when the film ultimately came out it was going to be a word-of-mouth hit. Imagine, then, my surprise at The Ruins' rather standard box office performance.

Here we are a year and a half later with a trailer for the body-horror film Growth, a project that evokes the same superficial skin-crawling terrors as The Ruins. Except this time there's no anticipation of box office performance, no predisposed notion of studio budgets and corporate oversight. I gotta say, the result has got me very intrigued. Growth may have glaring flares indicating low-budget filmmaking, but it still looks like a ton of science-gone-wrong, skin-crawling fun. Plus it stars Mircea Monroe, a gal I consider an unsung scream queen that always has me interested in a project.

Check out the trailer for Growth, aka The Ruins by way of Slither and The Crazies, below.

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