You'll never be able to predict what kind of story Darren Aronofsky will tackle next. He's gone from math to ballet without blinking an eye, and is now planning to tell the tale of the world's biggest bank heist. His Protozoa Films shingle has teamed up with XYZ Films and Time Inc. to produce "a gritty heist thriller" based on MMA and UFC star "Lighting" Lee Murray and his alleged role in the 2006 robbery of the Securitas Depot. Over $85 million was stolen from the English depot, making it the largest cash heist in history and it's probably the only one with a UFC star as its (possible) mastermind.

Kerry Williamson will be penning the script, which will be based on Howard Sounes' book, Heist: The Inside Story of the World's Biggest Robbery and Jon Wertheim's Sports Illustrated article "Breaking the Bank." Aronofsky will produce with an eye on directing. I can't find Wertheim's article online, but Wikipedia has the blow-by-blow of the heist for those interested as it's way too long to summarize here. It certainly is, as Aronofsky puts it, "a very unique British heist tale with colorful London characters." It's as though a Guy Ritchie movie actually happened, but with a lot more money, guns, and success.

Murray's story by itself is pretty wild. The year before the heist, he was in a fight outside London's Funky Buddha that severed an artery, punctured one of his lungs, and nearly cost him his life. A year later, he allegedly pulled this heist, and has been in and out of Moroccan prison ever since. He even tried to escape at one point -- apparently you just can't keep this guy down. If there's a director who knows something about that, it's Aronofsky, who seems to specialize in making us identify with desperate and obsessed individuals. Perhaps you can predict a little about Aronofsky's projects after all ....

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