Not everyone has confidence in a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde adaptation starring Keanu Reeves as the infamous split personalities; just picture the erstwhile Neo/Ted Logan/Johnny Utah emoting on two different extremes of the acting spectrum, and you might concur. But if there's one person we think might be able to make it work, it's Danish virtuoso director Nicholas Winding Refn (Bronson, The Pusher Trilogy), who spoke exclusively with Cinematical to update the status of the 2011 Universal project and share why he thought Reeves would make the perfect Jekyll.

In Los Angeles to promote his upcoming British prisoner biopic Bronson, Refn divulged that his Jekyll project will not be his next directorial effort. In addition to stumping for Bronson, Refn's got another completed film to shepherd – the brutal Viking actioner Valhalla Rising, which recently debuted at the Toronto Film Festival – and doesn't have the time or energy to jump into writing Jekyll. Instead, the script for Jekyll is currently being re-written by Revolutionary Road screenwriter Justin Haythe, which will make Jekyll the first film Refn directs that he didn't also write himself.

"I declined [to write the script] simply because of other obligations and I felt I wasn't the right one," Refn said. "But I've been working with [Haythe], who's a very good writer, and a very nice guy. I've been sitting with him, but I felt that I was not clear in my mind to start tackling that one as well."
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