The good news for me is that I've already seen about a dozen of the Fantastic Fest 2009titles. The bad news for me ... is precisely the same. So while it's cool that I saw [REC] 2 last week and Paranormal Activity last year, thereby freeing me up for other films, another part of me really wants to see those films again ... in a packed house full of movie loons ... with cheese fries in front of me. I'm still undecided on a few slots, but for the sake of this article, I'll simply omit the flicks I've already seen and focus on the ones I'm the most geeked for...

Zombieland -- Yes, I know it's a "studio" flick that's hitting theaters only a few days later, but I've been psyched to check this thing out since I first read the trade reports in Variety. I dig Woody Harrleson in just about everything, I adore zombie mayhem, that Emma Stone is achingly cute, and I'm always down for another horror-comedy experiment. Plus the new ads look pretty tight, and that R rating just makes me smile.

Trick 'r Treat -- Yep, another studio title, and one that's (many say unfairly) headed straight for the DVD shelves. Some of my West Coast horror pals saw the flick well over a year ago, and they were ... let's just say enthusiastic and leave it at that. We all hate "overhype." From what I've gathered it's a dark but playful anthology film that delves into some of Halloween's most recognizable and misunderstood traditions. That concept could be made in Pittsburgh for 300 grand and I'd still want to see it.

District B13: Ultimatum -- Yes, I know the first one is a bit uneven (the two best action sequences are in Act I), but I've lost count of how many times I've spun this movie on Netflix Watch Instantly. Just give me 80-some minutes of mega-kinetic parkour kung fu machine gun mayhem with that always-cool French attitude and I'm happy. Oh, and a hot girl. That'd be the icing.

Toy Story / Toy Story 2 -- I'm not a huge 3-D advocate, although I can see why people (particularly kid people) are having a good time with the gimmick. And I'm not entirely sure I'll be able to dedicate four hours to a pair of (wonderful) movies I've seen six times apiece ... but I'll probably peek my head in once or twice. (Someone save me a seat for Jessie's song in Part 2.)

Van Diemen's Land / Doghouse -- Just so you know I won't overlook the indies and the imports. One looks to be a gritty Tasmanian tale of 19th century man-eating, the other is from the lunatic who directed Evil Aliens. And that's enough to get me interested.
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