Sometimes it's worth it to revisit the old, to once again revel in its amazing wonder, or show it to the eager audiences who never got to see the excellence for themselves. A long time ago, Cinematical linked to a wonderful YouTube video, but we never really talked about it. That is, until now, as buzz starts to re-bubble.

What could possibly be worthy of re-attention? Christopher Walken cooking. No, not some impersonator. Not a cleverly done Lego world. Not a spoof. Not a clip from a film. I'm talking about the real Walken, handing over succulent foodie tips in the kitchen. After the jump, you can watch the actor make Chicken with Pears -- running down all of his special tricks with that irreplaceable stilted delivery.

Yeah, sure, Meryl Streep rocked as Julia Child, but maybe it's time to hand over the reigns to Walken. Man, can you imagine how the world of food shows could change if Walken really took part? He's done the creepy thing, the scary thing, and the music and dance thing, so a jump to the food world is only natural.

And please, if anyone knows how this all came to be, leave the deets in the comments below!