As the entertainment world headed out for the weekend, there was a very big shake-up at Disney, with studio head Dick Cook being ousted from the company. Disney's president Bob Iger is determined to reinvent the studio from top to bottom, and reportedly saw Cook as a relic of Disney's cartoonish past. But Cook has a lot of success under his belt, and friendships with the likes of Steven Spielberg, Tim Burton, and Johnny Depp. Depp was one of the first to speak out about Cook's departure, and hinted darkly to The Los Angeles Times about the fate of Sparrow and the Black Pearl.

Depp revealed that he only has a potential deal in place for Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. It's all dependent on how good the script is, and how favorable he is towards a post-Cook Disney. "There's a fissure, a crack in my enthusiasm at the moment. It was all born in that office." Jack Sparrow was indeed born in Cook's office. As all Sparrow and Depp fans know, Disney had been trying to convince Depp to sign on for a Disney film for years, but it wasn't until Cook name-dropped Pirates that Depp was in.

Cook was one of Depp's supporters against a studio who was unimpressed with his eyeliner, gold teeth, beaded dreads and drunken demeanor. "When things went a little sideways on the first Pirates movie and others at the studio were less than enthusiastic about my interpretation of the character, Dick was there from the first moment. He trusted me." Lo and behold, an icon was born (whether you love him, hate him, or are just tired of him, you have to admit that Sparrow will outlast us all), and we got a little swashbuckling in the summertime. Hats off to Captain Cook for that, and if Sparrow never sails again, at least we'll know that friendship won out over a love of franchise gold.

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