I want to shoot a zombie just as much as you do, trust me. But there are stupid, pesky, pre-apocalypse things like rules and laws and science and, "It was the sweet release of my .50 cal what reverted his abominable existence...I swear, Judge, he was a zombie when I shot him." But if you're just plain dying to pop a cap in the undead, then I have a product that should sate your bloodlust until the next zombie-inducing meteor passes near earth.

I present for your pleasure Full Color Zombie Poster Targets, which this website has classified as "for Military & Government Agencies" (sorry backwoods militants!). According to the official product description, said targets are "Designed for fun at the range or for your next league's Zombie Shoot. Features shaded scoring lines in both head & brain that cannot be seen at shooting distances." And that's a sales pitch that raises one very crucial question:

Are there actual league Zombie Shoots? I'm not a gun nut, but I have been shooting before. It's a whole hell of a lot of fun, but no one ever told me there was a league that could make it an undead hell of a lot of fun. I feel I have been denied critical, need-to-know information.

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