Dollhouse's Eliza DushkuI guess I shouldn't be surprised by the news that Japan already has a service in place eerily similar to the premise behind FOX's Dollhouse. They're always ahead of us when it comes to technology.

Okay, it's not exactly like the Dollhouses, in that its agents aren't computer programmed with new identities. But they are highly trained to take on any guise you could need convincingly. Examples of roles they've already taken on: an uncle at a sporting event, snapping photos and engaging in small talk. How about a best man at a wedding giving a moving speech about a couple he only knows from a file?

The whole concept is a little creepy, but there are ten facilities now in Japan, with one housing 30 dolls agents. Imagine being able to have your "mother" go to that parent-teacher conference, rather than your real mom. If it works in Japan, you can just imagine someone will try to bring it here, either legally, or, since probably won't be allowed, underground ... like a Dollhouse.

Would you engage their services, and if so for what?

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