Time hasn't necessarily been kind to the Wachowski Brothers sci-fi trilogy, The Matrix. Granted, most of the blame can be placed at the doorstep of the Wachowskis themselves, thanks to some rocky sequels, although, I know I'm in the minority when I say that I kind of liked the final installment, Revolutions. But that probably had more to do with a soft spot for William Gibson styled techno-babble than anything else. But for today's Scenes We Love, let's all think back to the the spring of 1999, when the world was new, and you didn't have a clue what the Matrix was.

Now, whether this comes down to my extraordinary powers of observation or I've just seen too many movies, I can usually spot a plot turn coming a mile off. But in a million years, I couldn't have guessed that when Keanu swallowed that red pill he was about to wake up in a pile of goo as a human battery in an A.I. ravaged world...so suffice to say, I never saw it coming. The movie might be full of philosophical gobbledygook and borrow from every anime and comic book you can think of, but I never cared, because The Matrix (whatever it's faults) wasn't just a tired rip-off, the Wachowskis distilled all that pop culture into a movie like no other.

The Wachowskis did the unthinkable (or at least the unthinkable to our spoiler-happy culture), they managed to keep a secret. The trailers let you see teases of all the kung fu, slo-mo bullets, and latex that was to come (we even got a trademark Reevesian 'whoah'), but all the shocks and surprises were kept until you were in that darkened theater and Morpheus (as played by Laurence Fishburne doing equal parts Yoda and Shaft) takes you down the rabbit hole...whoah, indeed.

After the jump; the red pill or the blue pill...