Over at SFS sibling site Asylum there's a nice weighing of the scales as to what property has the edge when it comes to creating women of science fiction. Now before you assume this is just a superficial contest of whether Sarah Michelle Gellar is hotter than Jeri Ryan, or if River Tam could beat Tasha Yar in a cat fight, let me assure you that it's actually a nice examination of what kind of qualities are put into creating a character a geek can crush on.

Sure, skin-tight space suits are factored in, but one also must consider the girl-next-doorness of spaceship mechanics, as well as the allure of cold-hard Vulcan logic. So click on over to Asylum to see the match ups and/or yell about who they left off from either side. Personally, I'm a little bummed that there was no love for Amy Acker's Fred from from Whedon's "Angel". And if it's all in honor of the return of "Dollhouse" this Friday, I think Miracle Laurie would have been a good contender for a current geek crush.

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