I'm sure it's been very frustrating for Twilight fans who own iPhones, the lack of a Twilight-based app that offers endless connectivity to their favorite sparkly vampire lore. After all, there are apps that pick lottery numbers, flick virtual boogers, give you the real-time NSA threat level, and allow you to pop fake bubble wrap. But what if you need to know how many days, minutes and seconds it is until The Twilight Saga: New Moon officially opens? What if you're at school or at work, and there's a new shirtless photo of Robert Pattinson released to the Internet? Whatever are you supposed to do then???

Thankfully, that problem is now solved! Summit Entertainment has announced their official "Twilight Tracker" phone app for the iPhone and iPod Touch, featuring custom avatars, the ability to chat with other Twilight fans via message boards (sample post: "OMG11!!! Edward is so super broody and hawt!!!"), and access to videos and Twilight news. No longer will you be stuck somewhere like the bus, the laundromat, or algebra class without instant access to Twilight crack.

And before you ask, yes, you can connect the Twilight Tracker to your Facebook and Twitter accounts, so even if you're busy putting out hits in Mafia Wars, you'll be alerted immediately with any red-hot, up-to-the-minute Twilight developments. If Peter Facinelli sprains his ankle ... you'll know! If Cam Gigandet adopts a ferret as a pet ... you'll get the update! If Kristin Stewart's photographed on her front porch getting high again ... well, you probably won't hear about that, since that's not especially good publicity. But someone will probably mention it on the message boards, and you can Google it later.

All this, for just $2.99. A steal, really. You can get it at www.itunes.com/appstore/ .
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