The thing I love most about Where the Wild Things Are is that it's a story that promotes creativity and the use of your imagination, which is something more kids today desperately need to get in touch with. As we begin to piece together another awesome Halloween costume contest here at Cinematical (look for details soon), I can't help but hope to see a bunch of Wild Things-inspired costumes from across the board. If my little one was old enough to understand what a Halloween costume actually is or was or could be, this year we would totally spend an entire afternoon (or several) dreaming up (and constructing) our own homemade Wild Things costumes.

In honor of Spike Jonze's upcoming film, Urban Outfitters and the new Space 15 Twenty in Los Angeles are all over Where the Wild Things Are. You can buy a number of Wild Things-related clothes from Urban Outfitters online, and now Christian Joy (best known as the designer behind the Yeah Yeah Yeah's Karen O's costumes) has created five "monster suits" based on the Wild Things and Max. The suits will be on display and available for purchase at Space 15 Twenty, with a percentage of the proceeds being donated to 826 Valencia.

Check out some of Joy's costumes below, and here's what she had to say about the Max costume (pictured above): "Everyone knows the way Max looks like, and I wanted to stay within the realm of what a kid's suit would look like. But I also thought that the rest of the Wild Things were already looking like a glam rock band, so I thought he should be a little bit rock n' roll. I found this weird silver fabric, and we made the paws and crown out of Mylar, and then the tail is like a found piece from a fabric store."

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