Tim BurtonIt's funny that people (myself included) always complain that every year the Christmas decorations come out earlier and earlier, but no one ever pipes up when the Halloween goodies start floating into stores in September. In fact, if you are in dire straits because you ran out of Halloween candy in July, you can stock up on jelly brains, wax fangs, and fake mustaches online at NYC's Lower East Side wonderland Economy Candy. For some, every day is Halloween.

So it's with no small squees of delight that I have been peeping the pages of Harper's Bazaar and its Tim Burton-styled fashion shoot, which has me drooling for his upcoming MoMA exhibition and career retrospective. Ignore the insane price tags and ogle the spooky-ooky fashion models decked out like some of his most iconic characters. I've spotted Lydia Deetz, Edward Scissorhands, the Mad Hatter, the Corpse Bride, and a few others. There's a pretty good chance that a crafty Burton fan could come up with some semblances of these outfits minus the price tag (I'm digging the heart-shaped eye patch), but even without an unlimited credit card limit, access to the fanciest fashion out there, and a gangly model bod, we can still enjoy a peek into Tim Burton's creepy yet oh-so-fashionable universe.

Check out some of the crazy outfits below, along with their descriptions and price tags (courtesy of Harper's Bazaar). Which photo is your favorite, fashionistas?

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