A freak-ish outback dust storm has swept across Eastern Australia, leaving Sydney covered in a weird sort of post-apocalyptic-looking red dust glow. High winds (measuring up to 60mph) and low visibility have helped to shut down a good part of the city, including businesses and the Sydney airport, where international flights were being diverted.

From The Daily Mail: 'This is unprecedented. We are seeing earth, wind and fire together,' said Dick Whitaker from TV's The Weather Channel. Health authorities, meanwhile, have urged people with asthma or breathing difficulties to stay indoors. The official air quality index for New South Wales recorded pollutant levels as high as 4,164 in Sydney. A level above 200 is considered hazardous. In Sydney's central business district the dust has even begun to set off smoke alarms. Sydney residents told local radio that they woke to scenes from a Hollywood disaster movie, while many contacted emergency services fearing a major bush fire in the city."

Check out a couple more images below. And if you're in Sydney right now, do let us know what it's like dodging this dust storm.

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