The woman of funky phrasing -- Diablo Cody -- is gearing up to tackle the teen world's most infamous twins, the two girls many of us 20 and 30-somethings grew up with -- the Wakefields. The Hollywood Reporter'sHeat Vision Blog reports that Universal is currently vying for the rights of Francine Pascal's Sweet Valley High series, which Cody will not only produce, but adapt.

For the uninitiated, there were a whole bunch of books in the Sweet Valley series (started in 1983), allowing young girls to follow blonde twins Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield through their formative years -- Sweet Valley Kids, Twins, Junior High, High, Senior Year, University... It was all covered, with stories that ranged from the battles between Jessica's wildness and Elizabeth's responsible ways, to side stories like my favorite where the jerky and rich Bruce Patman fell for the sweet, beautiful, and once-deaf Regina Morrow, who then up and died. There was the mundane teen fare intermingled with the ridiculously over-the-top installments when people were held hostage, vampires descended -- you name it. There was also a show from the mid to late '90s starring Brittany and Cynthia Daniel.

If Diablo reigns her Cody style into the story -- and doesn't go The Vampire Diaries route changing almost every part of the story but the names -- this is the perfect match that has my inner teen rejoicing. Hey, Diablo: Do Enid, Lila, Bruce, Caroline, et all proud, 'kay? And if you could dump Todd Wilkins and give Elizabeth Nicholas Morrow, that'd be great too.

I wonder ... will Universal try to steal back all the Twitter names?
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