For all the talk of 'Precious' there's been lately, you'd be forgiven for thinking Gollum was getting his own 'Lord of the Rings' spin-off.

It started in early '09, when 'Precious: Based on the Novel Push by Sapphire' (then called 'Push') debuted to raves at the Sundance Film Festival. In May, we reported on Mariah Carey's radical transformation for the film. And just recently, we told you about the weight media queen Oprah Winfrey is throwing behind the film, how it won the top prize at the Toronto Film Festival, and where it's now positioned in the Oscar race.

Now we've got three exclusive photos from the acclaimed film (opening Nov. 6) about an obese, pregnant, HIV-positive teen (Gabourey Sidibe) growing up poor and with an abusive mother (Oscar frontrunner Mo'Nique) in Harlem. Somehow, someway, it all proves inspirational.