Gavin MacLeod is known for piloting 'The Love Boat' to a loyal fan base and strong ratings for more than a decade -- but if you ask the iconic TV star who's behind the wheel these days, he's not likely to mention his beloved alter-ego Captain Merrill Stubing. Today, when he tells Fox News, "I know who my Admiral is," he's referring to that big skipper in the sky. As in God.

Now 79 and a born-again Christian, MacLeod is embarking on a new chapter in a 50-year career that has seen him star on successful TV shows such as 'The Mary Tyler Moore Show' and 'The Love Boat' and share the screen with legends like Moore, Cary Grant and Tony Curtis. With his latest film 'The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry' (in select theaters now), MacLeod is plunging headlong into the burgeoning Christian film industry.