Let's be honest: You see humans every day and, frankly, it's getting a little old. Sometimes you just want an android's cold, emotionless logic and perfectly formed visage to get you through the day. Maybe you've always secretly dreamed of erotically rubbing C-3PO's shiny head or romantically cooing those three little words -- "Klaatu barada nikto" -- into Gort's tin ear. Whatever your desire, movies have provided us countless androids, cyborgs, robots and mechas, sent to love ('A.I.'), help ('Aliens') and destroy ('Terminator') us.

In honor of 'Surrogates,' Jonathan Mostow's new sci-fi flick about isolated humans interacting with each other through their better-looking robotic selves, we manufactured a list of the 14 sexiest androids to give you, dear human, the definitive list of machines that raise our blood pressure and power us up.
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