(Everyone loves a comic book robot, but not everyone can shovel out a list of the 11 greatest comic book robots of all time. Here's Chris Sims reporting for our sister site Comics Alliance)

Along with Ninjas and Gorillas, they complete the Holy Trinity of character types that make comics more awesome by virtue of their very presence, even if some of them -- like Red Tornado, seen at left fighting crime by employing Hostess cupcakes -- are so terrible that they can star in stories where they punch out Hitler and still complain all the time about how they'll never understand what it's like to be human.

But we love 'em, which is why when ComicsAlliance sat down to list our favorites, which--considering that the Doom Patrol's Robotman, Invincible's Robot, and Jack Staff's Tom Tom the Robot Man aren't really robots at all--we found it was a little trickier than it might sound. So we turned as always to contributor Chris Sims to crank up the Daft Punk and give us a gallery of the Eleven Greatest Robots in Comics!


Built by Nikolai Tesla in 1923, the title character of Brian Clevinger and Scott Wegener's Atomic Robo has learned a lot in 83 years of action that included service in World War 2, team-ups with Charles Fort, H.P. Lovecraft and Carl Sagan, a long-standing feud with Professor Stephen Hawking, and leading the Action Scientists of Tesladyne. Namely, he's learned that talking dinosaurs are not to be trusted, it's always safe to assume that mummies are involved in pyramid related troubles, and that there's no problem so scientifically complex that it can't be solved with the liberal application of a Lightning Gun.

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