Yes, it's a ridiculously stupid word. But it's for a good cause: One of the coolest things about Fantastic Fest, aside from the craaazy movies and the awwwwesome cheese fries, is the communal vibe. Movie geeks of all ages, sizes, and voice-volumes can be found debating everything from Takashi Miike to Patrick Lussier ... after the movies, of course. And as my recent trip to the Toronto Film Festival taught me (woo, Midnight Madness!), the Twitter can be veeerrrryyy handy for A) finding out where your friends are, B) what movie might be slightly more up your (proverbial) alley than the next one, and C) figuring out where to get the best damn BBQ, DVD stores, or tacos.

So with that in mind we offer this directory of 2009 Fantastic Fest attendees. I know this may seem a little silly to those who've never even HEARD of Fantastic Fest, but hey, all the more reason to do a little research and save up for the 2010 edition. I was tempted to offer a little geo-biographical description for each of these folks, but that seems kinda dumb: The Twitter can do that for me.