Written by Eric D. Snider

Should you find yourself in Los Angeles between Oct. 16 and 25 with your blood unchilled and your hair not standing on end, perhaps you should pop in at Screamfest and take care of that. The ninth annual Screamfest Horror Festival -- one of the largest such fests in the country -- announced its lineup today, with 20 features and five shorts programs all being hosted at Grauman's Chinese Theaters in Hollywood.

The opening night film is The Tournament, in which the world's top assassins (Ving Rhames among them) get together to kill one another for the entertainment of pay-per-view audiences. The closing night film is The Fourth Kind, starring Milla Jovovich as a psychologist studying a series of alien abductions in Alaska. So, you know. The usual stuff.

In between are films with delightful titles such as Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl (from Japan!), Necromentia, The Human Centipede, Mutant Swinger from Mars, and Reykjavik Whale Watching Massacre (from Iceland!). And hey, what do you know, it's the long-awaited Cabin Fever 2 (no involvement from Eli Roth) and the not-at-all-awaited Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead! And The House of the Devil, which I saw at Tribeca and kinda liked and which is by the same guy, Ti West, who made Cabin Fever 2! Why, there's something here for everyone! (Except children and old people.)

You can check out the Screamfest site for details on all the films and ticketing information.

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