It's time to give props to Cinematical reader RMM, who defied Peter Martin's question in June, "Would you rather: Cera or LaBeouf as Facebook Founder?" and responded with: "Jesse Eisenberg." Variety reports that the main players have now been cast in David Fincher's Facebook flick The Social Network, and they are -- Eisenberg, Justin Timberlake, and Andrew Garfield.

Eisenberg has zoomed beyond Cera and LaBeouf to play Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, while Timberlake will take on Sean Parker -- the guy who co-founded Napster before becoming the Facecrack's founding president, and finally Andrew Garfield will play Eduardo Saverin the other co-founder of Facebook "who fell out with Zuckerberg over money." If you're not familiar with that last name, you'll soon see him as one of the leads in Terry Gilliam's The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus.

Gotta say -- the dry premise is sounding continually more appetizing as things play out. It's hard to beat a mix of Aaron Sorkin and David Fincher, Eisenberg picks some pretty sweet gigs (Roger Dodger!), and I think this trio will work quite well together. But how about you? Can Fincher's style and this cast make a movie about Internet networking a thrill of a big-screen experience?
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