Get ready, it's time for more Black Dynamite -- scourge to dealers everywhere. You might remember the trailer I posted earlier this month, full of drug dealing, fighting, and all-out action led by Michael Jai White. As we tick ever closer to the October 16 release date, a new viral campaign has started up over at YouTube.

Two drug dealers with mouths much bigger than their muscles, Black Firecracker TNT and Ebony Explosion, are itching to face Black Dynamite themselves, and keep people from seeing his movie. So they've taken to the internet with an anti-Dynamite campaign.

The two clips are basically a never-ending, ranting barrage of words with some gems hidden inside. For example, after watching a shot of Dynamite getting busy with 5 ladies, Ebony asks the question I'm sure a lot of people asked after Suzanne Somers and her thighsizer: "Why you need muscles in your thighs?" Better than that though, Firecracker actually links Earth, Wind, and Fire and Captain Planet with only two jumps. I can't help but wonder how he'd do at the Kevin Bacon game.

Anyway, the clips are after the jump, and beware: These videos are 100% NSFW -- both for language and nudity. Enjoy!