With Charlton Heston's stint in Wayne's World 2, Jeffrey M. Anderson wrote about the cameos that take into account the celebrity's personality and comment on it. But I want to take it in a slightly different direction. Love him or hate him (as some commenters seem to), Lance Armstrong managed to take part in one of my favorite cameos, and when he got his shot on screen, he didn't just pop up to say something funny, or show up in the most unlikely of places. He was the only person truly suitable to shame Vince Vaughn's Peter Le Fleur in Dodgeball.

Right before the last big tournament game, LaFleur decides to quit, leaving his teammates stranded. He's drinking, fully wallowing in a self-pity party when he runs into Lance. Armstrong cannot believe Peter is quitting and quickly and casually lays a heap of guilt and shame on LaFleur's shoulders. "Well, I guess if a person never quit when the going got tough, they wouldn't have anything to regret for the rest of their life."

When you're in full self-pity mode and not showing up to a big game, the last person you want to run into is the man who beat cancer out of his testicles, lungs, abdomen, and brain before becoming a Tour de France hotshot. It's like whining about a scratch to the person who lost a finger. Nothing is abstract, no one is comparing apples to oranges. LaFleur is simply all-out shamed, and with every tick of Vaughn's so-slight facial expressions we can feel the weight of it. Check out the clip after the jump.