FameAngie, Kevin and Patricia discuss last week's box office results, in which the animated 'Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs' toppled Megan Fox horror flick 'Jennifer's Body.' Has the Megan Fox backlash begun, or was this just a case of misdirected marketing? And speaking of 'Jennifer's Body' writer Diablo Cody, what will her movie adaptation of 'Sweet Valley High' be like?

All that, plus we look forward to this weekend's movies, including the 'Fame' remake (does it even remotely resemble the original?), the Bruce Willis movie 'Surrogates' (how is it NOT like 'The Matrix'?) and the horror movie 'Paranormal Activity' (is it truly the new 'The Blair Witch Project'?). Oh ... and there's singing. Bad singing.
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