Did you know that this Sunday's season premiere of The Simpsons was written by (and stars the voice of) Seth Rogen? In an episode that mirrors Rogen's experience training to become The Green Hornet, the storyline follows a new superhero character named Everyman (who gains his powers from touching other comic books) created by Comic Book Guy that grows such a large fanbase, Hollywood decides to turn the superhero into a movie. And when Homer Simpson is chosen to play Everyman, he's given a Hollywood trainer (voiced by Rogen) to help him get in shape.

On just how close this episode compared to Rogen's real life, the writer-actor tells USA Today, "In a lot of ways it mirrored the situation we were in working with The Green Hornet. I had to lose weight and do a lot of physical training. It seemed hilarious to us as it was happening." Rogen co-wrote the episode with writing partner Evan Goldberg, and the whole gig came about after Goldberg met James L. Brooks and learned how he was such a big fan of Superbad (which Rogen and Goldberg wrote). Brooks then learned that Rogen and Goldberg were huge Simpsons fans, and, well, the rest is Springfield history.

Check out an image from this week's premiere episode above, and make sure to tune in this Sunday on Fox at 8pm ET/PT.
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