Well, he may have a head like a "f***ing orange" but Karl Pilkington has managed to go from being an unknown radio producer for UK comedian Ricky Gervais to standing in as his comic foil to becoming a best-selling author. And now he's getting into the movie review business. Well, not really, but the lovable weirdo did review Gervais' latest comedy, The Invention of Lying, with Gervais in attendance (which would probably be the stuff of nightmares for most film critics).

So what did Pilkington think of the movie? Well, if you're familiar with his work, then you know that you don't exactly get a straight answer -- but at least on the upside, he did say that the movie ended before he got too bored. Gervais' latest film centers on an alternate world where his character is the first person to invent the art of deception and quickly begins to use his newfound skill to woo a woman and earn fame and riches.

Now, obviously, if you're looking for a real review you aren't going to count on a man famous for saying "I could eat a knob at night" on-air, and a quick look around at some of your more 'legit' film critics has the comedy receiving mixed reviews. Luckily, though, the general consensus is that audiences will be treated to a smart if slightly uneven comedy, but just like Gervais' last film outing, manages to win you over in the end (and even Pilkington thought it was better than King Ralph, so that has got to count for something).

The Invention of Lying opens on October 2nd, 2009.

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