Over the last year Norway's horror-comedy Dead Snow kind of monopolized the idea of Nazi zombies, nevermind that the zombies being Nazi's was inconsequential to the film. Granted it had a fantastic trailer, but people seemed to flock to it like the idea of a Nazi zombie was something entirely new. Only a handful of months before Dead Snow took the spotlight, Steve Barker's action/horror hybrid Outpost came out to pretty much zero fanfare. And while it also isn't the first to use the Nazi zombie formula, I still think it's one of the better films to reanimate the Third Reich.

Better still, the Nazi's in Outpost are actually relevant to the story: a mercenary outfit is hired to go into an abandoned and neglected WWII bunker with no questions asked, but when members start disappearing and Nazis start reappearing, a pretty cool Hitler occult experiment comes into the light. It may not be the best movie ever (it's kind of slow for the first 40 or so minutes), but it's got a really fun cast and is, overall, pretty badass; which is a quality I demand from all things Nazi zombie.

So I'm happy to hear that Mr. Barker has a sequel in the works called Outpost II: Black Sun. There's no word on how it'll relate specifically to the first film (cast or character wise), but Shock til You Drop does have a lengthy plot description. An excerpt follows:
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