With Spike Jonze's adaptation of Where the Wild Things Are approaching its October 16th release date, online buzz is beginning to heat up thanks, in part, to two fantastic trailers and source material that will forever remain in the hearts of those kids (like myself) who grew up reading the book. As with a lot of fanboy-esque films these days, there's a video game for Where the Wild Things Are that's about to street alongside the film (the game arrives a bit earlier, on October 13), and based on the first trailer it looks like it could be a whole lotta fun, especially for kids.

The thing I like about the video game is that it expands upon the Wild Things world that Max visits, allowing the player to not only take part in re-creating some of the more memorable scenes from the film and book, but you also get to go off on another adventures, playing as Max or one of the Wild Things, and take part in activities that aren't in the film or book. I'd go on, but unfortunately I can't talk too much about the movie until we inch closer to the release date.

In the meantime, check out the trailer after the jump.

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