The above is not much, but it's enough to start the impatient and eager anticipation for Paul. You know, the alien comedy that's reuniting Simon Pegg and Nick Frost; the one that will hopefully be a cross between the brilliance of Spaced and the comedic awesomeness of Hot Fuzz. The image, which you can see in all shapes and sizes over at Collider, is a photo of a poster hanging up on Stage 41 at Hollywood's Universal Studios.

From left to right, we've got Blythe Danner screaming in a granny dress, Pegg rockin' an Empire Strikes Back t-shirt, Frost with the boom stick, and Kristen Wiig running to catch up. One can only guess that they're facing an alien or government invasion. As we already know, the comedy centers on Pegg and Frost's science fiction geeks who, after going to a comic-con, decide to make a pilgrimage to Area 51 -- the notorious alien hotspot in Nevada. On their journey, the end up running into a real alien named Paul (voiced by Seth Rogen).

Does the image whet your scifi comedy tastebuds, and make you want to go back and rewatch all of Spaced until the movie hits in 2010? (If, of course, you're not already doing just that in honor of the show's tenth anniversary.)
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