Forget getting updated to a new resolution, A Star is Born is getting reborn ... again. The Hollywood Reporter posts that Warner Bros. is getting serious about a remake of the 1954 classic. The project has been cooking for a while, and they've hired Will Fetters to pen a draft and get things moving. Fetters is pretty new to the industry, having only two projects to his name. He just penned the Robert Pattinson romantic drama Remember Me, and is busy with the upcoming Nicholas Sparks adaptation, The Lucky One.

Just like the last remake in 1976, which starred Barbra Streisand and Kris Kristofferson, this take will focus on the record industry, and follow "a showbiz ingenue who falls for an established male star, only to see their careers move in opposite directions." There's no cast set right now, but rumor has it that Beyonce's name is being considered. THR says that studio observers think the timing is spot-on now, what with all of the obsession with celebrity these days.

Rewatching Babs belt out "Evergreen" while holding hands with Kris (you can watch it after the jump), I'm betting that we'll see Beyonce and Justin Timberlake in the new version. Sure, it hasn't been cast yet, but do you think Hollywood would go for anyone else? Timberlake's got the voice, the fanbase, and the ability to play a teen pop has-been. Then again, I doubt their chemistry would be the same without the leotards.
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