Though it really could mean anything, because people in Hollywood take meetings with other people in Hollywood every single day (it's what they do, and it keeps them alive), we found it rather interesting to learn that Diablo Cody met with Playboy founder Hugh Hefner yesterday to talk about that long-delayed Brian Grazer-produced Playboy flick that may or may not star either Leonardo DiCaprio, Robert Downey Jr. or someone else entirely, and may or may not be directed by Brett Ratner.

We know this because of Hefner's Twitter account, where yesterday afternoon he tweeted the following: "Meeting with Diablo Cody to talk about the Brian Grazer Playboy film today." Cody, however, kept hush hush about the meeting on Twitter, and Hefner never followed up to tell his followers how the meeting went. That said, knowing that he's meeting with writers means they're either looking for a brand new script or a rewrite of what already exists. Last time anything official hit regarding this project, it was back in 2007 when John Hoffman signed on to pen the script, with Ratner attached to direct.

Cody seems like an odd choice for a screenwriter, though, especially since she seems to dig projects that are chick-centric (then again, I guess any film about the life of Hugh Hefner would include plenty of female, um, parts). What could she possibly add to the project, other than a whole bunch of quirky, high school hipster-speak? Seems like an odd pairing ... what do you think this is all about?

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