Something tells me that the true-life movie about the infamous murderer Richard Kuklinski is about to take a turn in creative direction, judging by the latest to news to come from the NY Post. The Post is reporting that Mickey Rourke will be taking the role of Kuklinski in an adaptation of Phil Carlo's book, The Ice Man: Confessions of a Mafia Contract Killer. The scoop came courtesy of Carlo's himself, who told the Post "He's [Rourke] really looking forward to being the Ice Man, and I think he'll do a great job,...He's talking about it being his 'Raging Bull.' Originally, it had been reported that Channing Tatum of G.I. Joe fame would be taking the lead, but according to Carlo, Tatum is out and Rourke is in.

Richard "The Ice Man" Kuklinski was a notoriously brutal contract killer and serial murder, who claimed to have killed over 200 people in his lifetime, starting at the age of 13. Kuklinski put his 'talents' to good use by working with the Gambino crime family, and died in prison at the age of 71. The circumstances of his death were considered suspicious and it was rumored that he had been killed by a Gambino underboss by the name of Sammy Gravano.

Back in 2007, the Hughes Brothers had been attached to the project with producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura in possession of the rights to Carlo's book, but unfortunately the project stalled in development and the rights have lapsed. Carlo was looking for a new producer, and according to him, that producer will be Rourke. Now it just so happens that Carlos in the midst of a publicity tour for his latest book, so we might want to take his announcement with some healthy skepticism.

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