ScreamWhen the final credits rolled on 'Scream 3' way back in 2000, the future was looking absolutely peachy and serial-killer free for tough-as-nails heroine Sidney Prescott and her pals.

Sidney and co. had just handily dispatched the d-bag who'd masterminded all the series' murders -- turns out it was Sid's bastard (in more ways than one) half-brother Roman (Scott Foley), who held just a wee bit of a grudge against Sidney because their mother had abandoned him. As an added bonus, Sidney was also seemingly at the beginning of a budding romance with a dashing cop played by none other than Patrick Dempsey, while Dewey (David Arquette) and Gale (Courteney Cox) had finally worked things out and gotten engaged. So all was well with the world, right? Wrong.
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