Jemaine Clement is better known to most people as half of Flight of the Conchords, the "4th most popular folk duo from New Zealand." He's also appearing in Jared Hess' new movie Gentlemen Broncos as Dr. Ronald Chevalier, an extremely pretentious science fiction writer. You can catch his viral videos on YouTube (one is embedded right after the break), and he graced the stage with his presence when the film premiered at Fantastic Fest.

Fox Searchlight had a "Scifaiku" contest to find the top three science fiction haikus, and the winners would have their entries read aloud by Dr. Chevalier at the premiere of the movie. Down below you can listen to the audio, or download it right here. Clement's Chevalier voice is extremely dead-on and perfect if you've ever seen a self-obsessed author talk about their work, and I'm wishing the film would have been a travelogue following him on a book signing tour.

Enjoy the Scifaikus, and comment your own if the mood strikes you.
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