Just to prove to you how wacky things get at Fantastic Fest, we present you with a Robogeisha gallery embedded below. Immediately following yesterday's first Secret Screening, which ended up being the bizarre Japanese robot/love/battle-fest that is Robogeisha, Alamo Drafthouse owner Tim League, director Noburo Iguchi and other crew members marched out wearing enormous sumo diapers, or mawashis. They struck some battle poses and generally showed how us all how tough they were.

That was until two sword-wielding, bikini-wearing female Tengu attacked them. Not only did they shame them verbally, but they also shoved darts into their buttocks. Extremely cheeky. If you've ever needed physical proof that a theater owner is extremely dedicated to his job, then look no further than this photo right here. You think nearly exposing yourself on stage would be enough, but he goes the extra mile with physical pain. Even fellow film writer Devin Faraci of CHUD managed to endure a Tengu attack of his own.

Oh, and the movie was weird as well.

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