Michael Jackson's This Is It

This documentary is built from interviews, rehearsals and backstage footage of Michael Jackson shortly before his death as he was preparing for his upcoming tour. I wasn't a fan of his music, but I'm sure the many who were will flock to this when it releases on October 28.

May the Best Man Win
Comedy in which two men compete for the honor of being best man at their other friend's wedding. Shot in faux documentary style and with a superficial resemblance to the plot of I Love You Man, this looks modestly entertaining at best. We'll find out for sure on September 9.

Paranormal Activity
Yet another shaky cam pseudo reality horror flick, this time concerning a family moving into a home that appears to be occupied by a demonic force of some kind. Speaking as someone who enjoys a good creep out, this one looks REALLY good. It goes into limited release on September 25.