The last timeTom Cruise romanced Cameron Diaz on screen, some serious Fatal Attraction kind of s*** went down. So count us among those curious to see how their next pairing will turn out, especially considering this week's news that Paul Dano has joined the cast of their spy comedy-romance-thriller, Wichita. But while a handful of tame set photos have emerged from the Boston set, we can get a glimpse of what level action to expect thanks to one enterprising local news station that broadcast footage of an expensive-looking set piece filmed this weekend.

As Cinematical's Peter Martin reported earlier this year, the Diaz-Cruise starrer is being directed by James Mangold, who also did a script polish with Laeta Kalogridis (Shutter Island). Will it be anything like Mangold's only other romance-tinged film, Kate & Leopold? Let's hope not. Set for release in July 2010, Wichita joins a crowded 20th Century Fox summer slate but might just draw in that key summer demographic: the ladies.

Diaz stars as a Midwestern woman romanced by a secret agent (Cruise) who gets swept up in his globe-trotting secret agent shenanigans; Maggie Grace, Marc Blucas, and Paul Dano co-star. I'm guessing that this action-comedy might play a little something like True Lies, but I can't quite decide what I find the scariest: watching Tom Cruise try to be funny, watching Tom Cruise make it with Cameron Diaz, or watching Cameron Diaz do a Midwestern accent?