Fittingly, Platinum Dunes' remake of A Nightmare On Elm Streetpopped online via MySpace Trailer Park during the witching hour, and just in time for Halloween. While it's only a teaser, it manages to pack Freddy Krueger's origin story into a few horrifying frames. You actually feel bad for the (alleged?) child molester, something that's due entirely to Jackie Earle Haley. I'm beginning to think he can make you feel sympathetic for just about anyone.

This teaser also offers us the first look at Freddy's new make-up. This has been a rather well-kept secret in these spoiler-happy days, and even at ComicCon they were being quite tight-lipped about what he was going to look like, except that it would be "more extreme" than before. You don't get a very good look at Freddy in this teaser, but I've screen-capped the close-up and ran it through Photoshop. If you don't like it, don't criticize the filmmakers too much, as I've de-shadowed and sharpened quite a bit. (I've included an unedited photo in the gallery below for those more curious.)

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