On Friday night, I headed over to the Paramount Theatre in Austin for the Fantastic Fest premiere of the horror/comedy (mostly comedy) film Zombieland. I arrived on the scene to wonder if I wasn't in a zombieland myself -- the area around the front of the theater was swarmed with the undead. A trailer was set up near the theater where anyone could get made up to look like a zombie, and lots of people volunteered. I saw a zombie bridal couple, a zombie nun and fittingly for this movie, a zombie clown. Some of the more professionally made-up zombies even lurched onto the red carpet briefly.
Before the zombies could be shooed away entirely, Zombieland co-star Woody Harrelson showed up. You can see his reaction to his red carpet-mates in the above photo. The zombies headed elsewhere and Harrelson was joined by other stars from the film, Jesse Eisenberg and Emma Stone, as well as director Ruben Fleischer. The 1200-seat theater was packed with a lively audience, who applauded nearly every reference to Texas and seemed to enjoy the film very much.

Check out our Zombieland photo gallery from the evening for more photos of the red-carpet celebrities as well as the undead.

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