Almost everyone at Fantastic Fest noticed the auspicious timing of Sunday night's Secret Screening #3. It was scheduled for 9:30 PM ... and a couple of hours after that was the Michael Jackson Dance Party. So everyone in the rumor mill decided that it was going to be a screening of the Jackson concert rehearsal footage movie This Is It. Well, that Was Not It. Instead we saw The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus (read our own Scott Weinberg's review from Toronto right here).

That didn't mean we were going to skip the dance party. Oh no. Especially since they spent a considerable amount of time teaching people how to do the "Thriller" dance. The dance floor was packed with folks going through all the moves over and over again so often that eventually the place started smelling like a gym. Women went and changed their sweaty shirts, men splashed water on their faces, and the dance off was underway.

Underneath laser lights we danced to everything from the bell-bottomed MJ in the Jackson Five, to "Beat It," to "Black or White," of course the ubiquitous "Thriller," and all of it culminating with an audience sing-along version "The Man in the Mirror." Kai Izumi from Robogeisha pole-danced to "Dirty Diana." Everyone seemed to have a good time, but a girl leaned over towards the end and asked me "So, I guess once famous child molesters die, everything's okay?" Ouch. But on the eve of Roman Polanski's arrest, some words to dwell on.

Tell me once again, who's bad?

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