Jemaine Clement is probably best known to people as half of Flight of the Conchords, the "4th most popular digi-folk paradists in New Zealand." They founded the group back in 1998, but came to worldwide fame recently when it was turned into an HBO television series. Or, if you're an indie film buff, you might have seen him in Eagle vs. Shark from Sundance back in 2007. Or barring that, maybe you're a couch television surfer and caught him in his series of Outback Steakhouse commercials.

He'll be seen again in Jared Hess' followup to Nacho Libre and Napoleon Dynamite, Gentlemen Broncos. In it, he plays the pretentious and self-centered science fiction writer Dr. Ronald Chevalier, and honestly, he's the best thing about the movie. If they make a feature-length documentary following Chevalier on a book tour around the nation for as a DVD extra, I'll buy it. You can catch some of his magic online, where he's done a series of viral videos in character as Chevalier, and they are hilarious.

We caught up with Clement after Gentlemen Broncos screened at Fantastic Fest, and you can read the full interview beyond the break.