The greatest thing about last night's premiere episode of The Simpsons was just how current and fanboy-ish it was, and that's because it was written by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg (Superbad), the former of which also voiced the character of Homer's Hollywood trainer. But perhaps the best part of the episode came when Rogen -- who's had a long-standing feud with the gang from Entourage -- used his character to take another jab at the HBO show after they used him as the punching bag for a storyline earlier this season.

Simpsons Spoiler Warning

The joke came right at the end of the episode when Homer is yelling at his Hollywood trainer (voiced by Rogen) for ditching him, thus nudging Homer off his diet and back on the chubby wagon -- a move that ultimately ruined the superhero movie he was starring in. So when Homer demands to know who his trainer left him for, Rogen's character admits it was Turtle from Entourage. He then apologizes to Homer and offers him to train with Turtle too so they can both lose the weight. Turtle, for those who remember the episode, was the one who helped instigate the "Why would anyone sleep with Seth Rogen?" argument that caused quite the stir back in July.

After the episode, Rogen told E!that the Entourage guys are "a**holes" and that Entourage creator Doug Ellin was a "moron". But the feud goes back even further because Rogen pitched an Entourage-type show long ago, and HBO turned it down only to then bring on Entourage. So, yeah, Rogen -- the clever bastard that he is -- decided to do what every true fanboy wished they could do: He used The Simpsons to get back at his Entourage bully. And I thought it was pretty awesome ...

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