There's not much I can say about this other than, um, I'm scared. Apparently the government has found a way to control live beetles via remote control by implanting them with electrodes -- thus creating ... the cyborg beetle! From Science Blogs: "The miniaturized system developed by Sato and his colleagues is mounted onto the pronotum (the dorsal, or upper, plate of the exoskeleton), and consists of electrodes implanted into the brain and wing muscles. Flight commands to start and stop flight and control the insect's elevation and turning were generated on a personal computer running specialized software, and transmitted to a microcontroller which is equipped with a radio transceiver and powered by a microbattery."

So ... if we can control the actions of a beetle via remote control, I'm almost too afraid to ask what's next. Read more about the cyborg beetles over at Science Blogs, and watch a video of the bugs in action after the jump.

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