Chances are you wouldn't spend $1500 for a Pepsi, but some of you hardcore Back to the Future II fans might. Though the auction has now ended (without a buyer, I believe), someone with very bad spelling was selling what they claim to be the futuristic Pepsi bottle from Back to the Future II. Remember it? The Pepsi bottle popped up while Marty was pretending to be his son in that Cafe 80s scene?

While the seller didn't have a certificate of authenticity (kinda shady if you ask me), they do go on and on about how you should believe them ("I bought this item over 8 Years ago here on E-Bay from a big time prop collector in CA. of movie Props. He had 2 of them at the time, and I was able to win one. I thought I would never sell this item, but you just never know happens ..."). Don't you hate it when "just never know happens"? Anyway, dude (or dudette) was selling this bad boy for a whopping $1500 -- a pretty insane price for a prop that looks like it's worth about fifteen cents. The seller also claims to have a Hover Board, which is a prop I think I might be interested in, but if the Pepsi bottle is $1500, I can only imagine how much they'll try to get for the Hover Board ...

Check out a few images of the Pepsi bottle below. Any of you up for this purchase?

[via MTV Movies Blog]

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