What would the Pretty in Pink love triangle between Andie, Duckie, and Blane look like if it was jettisoned forward in time a good 20+ years? Well, this should give you an indication: Imagine the trio in current times with Alan Cumming and Sandra Bernhard as the co-stars with clout. Has it made your imagination soar?

There's this Sundance comedy called Dare that was picked up by Image Entertainment back in August. Now that the film is gearing up for its November 13 release, Apple has scored a trailer (watch it over there or after the jump). There's Alexa, the "good girl" (Emmy Rossum), Ben, the "best friend" (Ashley Springer), and Johnny, the "bad boy" (Zach Gilford). Alexa starts up a romance with Johnny, while Ben feels dumped. That is, until Ben has his first kiss with Johnny and a confusing triangle forms that takes Threesome into the realms of high school. It's got that slightly gritty indie feel, and brings up John Hughes nostalgia whilst making modern comments on high school that aren't steeped in Hannah Montana.

In their review, Screen Daily says "each character 'dares' to take his or her own sexual risk, it becomes clear that David Brind's screenplay is using these funny, titillating exploits to make larger points about the eternal adolescent desire to feel accepted and popular." Ready for a whole different take on high school romance?